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you’ve got to know where your towel is

I’m late on this. Kardinal was on Jay Leno last week and, oops, he mmmmmmashed it again:

I won’t get into how boring I think Akon is (okay I will: he’s really boring), but I do want to take a moment to profess my love for an under-appreciated hero: the likkle white towel. I got misty-eyed when Kardi whipped out the soca and started twirling that piece of cloth like a helicopter over his head. The sight of it made me sigh with nostalgia.

Oh, the towel.

Hip-hop towel, sweat towel, fête towel, call it what you will. It has long been not only a trapper of moisture but an accessory and a symbol. When you bring one of those towels to a jam, everyone knows you mean business. If a gang of people walk in with them — woowee! Keep your stamina up, kid, cause you know that party’s going to go allll night. I guess it’s something like the equivalent of bringing lawn chairs to a parade. If you’re about it, you’re about it.

Toss it over one shoulder, let it hang around your neck, drag out your back pocket, or flex a two-hand grip and lean into it. Wave your towel in the air when you’re feeling good, or wrap it around someone who’s looking good. It is multi-purposed — though not multi-use. The towel has always got to be fresh.

Big love to all my towel-rockers on dancefloors all over the world. Keep dabbing, yanking and twirling. Don’t stop til the ugly lights come on.



  1. magda magda September 17, 2008

    i appreciate this because in jungle/drum n bass, the towel turned from the meaning you ascribe it in the hip-hop context to something really negative.

  2. Susana Susana September 18, 2008

    What’s the negative meaning?

  3. SergDun SergDun September 21, 2008

    the negative part is the drum and bass part.

  4. Rawiya Rawiya October 1, 2008

    this. is. awesome.

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