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you can sneak up on me

I never did make it to Jones Beach or Staten Island or to Ralph’s Icees. I meant to spend more time in Brownsville and at that East NY high school. I meant to spend more time on rooftops in Bushwick and sweating it out in Harlem.

I’ll miss the friends I was just starting to build with. I’ll miss the rats, sauntering along the subway platform ahead of me. I’ll miss the ride on the 7 train into Queens for Arabic class and the rooftop view beyond PS1. I’ll miss my fire escape and dangling halfway out of the window to sneak a glimpse of the sky. Hearing R Kelly and Wu Tang from the ladies next door, their children screaming and laughing and playing right below my window.

I don’t think I could ever get sick of the Hudson at sunset or fireflies in Prospect Park. I’ll miss the riverside bike path so so much, especially the part where you dip under the highway, through the tunnel, and first see the sparkling, nasty waters that flow between Manhattan and New Jersey. I won’t miss cheating death every time I biked off the track and onto the road, but the adrenaline rush was nice.

I’ll miss my guy at the bike shop and his little bulldog, Sam. I’ll miss the dudes from the copy shop, the pizza joint on the corner, the bodega on Amsterdam, and from the hospital across the way, all watching out for me and asking about school, wishing me a good day. I’ll miss my campus, the all-consuming excitement of just being there.

I’ll miss APT on Mondays and Wednesdays (Ricky’s Rib Shack!), Libation on Thursdays (whatup Joelle and Carmela!), and outdoor festivals on the weekends. I’ll miss bumping into YOUR ass at every damn open bar art show in the Lower East Side, but I won’t miss the flash blog photography.

Maybe I really loved it without realizing it. New York snuck up on me, and this year went by far too quickly.

Thank you for indulging. We’ll see how this next adventure compares…


  1. Yvette Yvette August 13, 2008

    Things just ain’t the same…

    But SI and Ralph’s Icees will be here when(ever) you get back!

    But I def want to hear all about the random cafe banter (w/ subtitles).

  2. Sarah Sarah August 13, 2008

    You are missed! You know that in my humble opinion NYC will always be the place above all others. But onward to new adventures and please tell us all about it.

  3. Susana Susana August 13, 2008

    Sarah! I miss you!

    Are you going to keep up with blogging? You travel chronicles were wonderful. Please don’t deprive the internets of your words + photos. I mean, every day in Brooklyn is an adventure, right?

  4. Susana Susana August 13, 2008

    Yvette, is it wrong that I miss our bartenders? And our Thursday LES routine? All those dudes in tite pants, the lomos, the screwfaces, the fixed-gear bike parade… sigh.

  5. Yvette Yvette August 21, 2008

    It’s not wrong. Its only fair. Shoot I’m at work now thinking if I should hike it down there for a couple…

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