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watched pots won’t boil

…until the fire’s hot enough.

Hi there. Yes, still alive. Let’s not talk about how much time has passed.

When we last left off, I was dragging you westward, somewhere between where the Canadian flatlands curve into Rocky Mountains. Much, much, much has happened since then, of course. Some day I may fill you in. For now, here’s a placeholder.

To those of you who insist on returning to this site on a regular basis: it’s very kind of you to check in, and don’t think I don’t appreciate your particularly stubborn brand of faith (or idle, repetitive curiousity). I promise I’ll be back with something substantial soon.

It’s cold outside, but so much has been bubbling and brewing.


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  1. Susana Susana February 23, 2007

    rss feeds watch the pot for us. when you post, we know.

    for better or worse, there’s no faith or repetitive curiosity, just bloglines & google reader.


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