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wash the sand out of my hair

I got my first mosquito bite of the season this weekend in Savannah. I felt the prick, paused, put down my newspaper.

Man: We need to go bomb I-ran now.

Boy: Why? (Eating a fry.)

Why? (Eating another.)

Why? (Swallow.)

Man: To kill off some rag-heads.

I’ve always been told that you can’t really feel a bite until it’s already happened, until the little critter pulls its proboscis out. Then, with the irritant already settled just under your skin, it starts to sting. If you’re quick, you can still catch the mosquito in time to swat or squish it, but there’s really no point by then. Damage done.

And if you’re allergic, like me, that mess will swell up like a balloon. It’ll take a while for the itch to stop.

In some parts of the world, that kind of thing can kill.


  1. JJ JJ June 12, 2008

    Conversation Verbatim?

    I was fortunate to be caught in a car with a bunch of mosskittos on a 4 hour drive!

  2. Susana Susana June 13, 2008

    ver-ba-tim. from what i remember, anyway.

    the kid was young, too! like, 6 or 7 he looked like.

    what 4 hr drive was this?

  3. Sarah Sarah June 16, 2008

    Love the post. C L-H would be proud. What were you doing in Savannah?

    Re bombing I-ran. If it’s any consolation people are idiots everywhere. Actually, perhaps that cause for more despair. Never mind.

    Bis Bald, Until Later, as the Germans say.
    Look forward to drinks in NYC (maybe my neck of the woods?) in July.

  4. pomegranate queen pomegranate queen June 17, 2008

    i wish there were repellents for all kinds of mosquitos.

    namely, the deadly ones.

  5. Susana Susana June 18, 2008

    I think C L-H would chastise me for not using more of their raw conversation. “Trust the reader,” he would say.

    There are idiots (and mosquitoes) pretty much everywhere, true, but it’s so easy to forget sometimes. Or to think of them only in conceptual, blobby, far-away terms. Of course they exist, but they don’t bite you on the cheek every day. So you forget what it feels like.

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