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There is something about wandering, lost in the rain, that is still the greatest way to get to know a place. Not so great for curly hair or suede boots, but sacrifices must be made. A slow, steady stroll. Bridge over the vast, grand cemetery. Hills must be climbed. Nooks uncovered. And at the top, where the view stretches beyond the the towers and arches to the city’s southern walls, there’s space to breathe it in.



  1. Yvette Yvette February 17, 2009

    I love the multitudes of gray broken only by random bits of color. That’s peace.

  2. Susana Susana February 24, 2009

    My mobile phone takes awful, colour-skewed images, and then tumblr flattens them all out anyway, so this shot looks like garbage. Some day I will have a proper camera. Some day.

    Still, I’d rather lo-fi than no-fi, so I roll with the mobile.

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