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three sugars in the mint tea, rub-a-dub style

I just caught Point Blank’s video for “Born & Raised in the Ghetto” (congrats to director Marc André Debruyne for the MMVA nomination), and was struck by the old stock footage from Regent Park‘s earliest days. The sugary optimism reflected in those black-and-white white faces is especially disconcerting in the context of ongoing (controversial) revitalization efforts. Relocations, demolition, etc. How will it all look in three years?

And, thanks youtube’s power of suggestion, I also stumbled upon this little gem:

Who knew Ed the Sock was still on TV? The original prime-time cigar-chewing hand puppet spends nearly twenty minutes of airtime in Regent, alongside his guides from Point Blank. It mostly starts to get interesting around the seven minute mark, but Ed’s demeanor stays consistant throughout: snarky, obnoxious, slightly awkward. If you can get past the heavy-handed intro, his charm is in the details, between the one-liners. And by “charm” I mean…

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