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  1. CanelaNYC CanelaNYC March 27, 2008

    YAYYYYY!!!!!! Does that mean APT on Monday???


  2. s.s. s.s. March 27, 2008

    oh! congratulations p’tit chou!
    ooooh i’m so proud!
    ps- the clip..those girls..sophia!

  3. Susana Susana March 28, 2008

    thank youuuuu ladies!

    but, like Blanche Devereaux, i fear my words are meaningless mush… time will tell.


  4. Rawiya Rawiya April 10, 2008

    I love how Blanche is clutching four spiral-bound notebooks and not, well, a Macbook.

    But yes, congrats. Ya-hoo!!!

  5. m m May 23, 2008


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