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spring, you couldn’t come at a better time

Now listen here:

We are at the age when we have been through enough pain and enough joy, and we are no longer repeating our mistakes, to acknowledge and embrace each other’s wisdom and perspective. My friends (glorious!) and I really are looking out for one another simply by living our lives, and loving ourselves.

Miss Bee’s words are as refreshing as the springtime rain pounding against the concrete outside my window this afternoon. Not only is newness in the clouds and soil, it’s in the words and sentiments of the people around me. If you’re in my mid-/late-twenties age group, there’s a good chance that you feel it in your life too. You’ve had your bullshit relationships, you’ve hit your head against the wall, you’ve made your bad decisions. You still don’t know much about yourself, but you know more than you did before, and that’s enough. You’re humbler, hopefully. You understand the stakes a little better. You’ve found the words to explain what your gut’s been telling you all along.

Personally, I cringe at some of my past attitudes, past actions, and past company kept. I’m more careful with who I roll with, and even carefuller with those I let into my circle. Professionally and artistically, I guess I realized a long time ago that I wasn’t comfortable with any of the titles or labels or implied character traits that came along with my writing activities. I used to take great offense at the term “music critic,” and struggled for years to communicate just what it is that I do. Well, what I dewww is still changing. It’s more about people, less about personalities. More about living breathing art, less about entertainment. More about quality, less about quantity. I mean, the quantity has definitely gone down, but I guess I can’t promise too much as far as quality these days. I’m more comfortable taking on and fighting for topics that maybe no one else is interested in, but there’s a flood of stories inside me, and they’ve got to spill out one way or another.

That said — a lot’s been going on in the background on my end. I have something to announce, but I’m going to wait another couple of days on that. It’s been a long time coming. Which I guess means that I’m right on time.

New article on Marco Polo in issue #37 of Pound, out any second now. Seeeeeeeeeen.

This guy has recently re-vamped his site, as have these guys. There’s a brief mention of the former in the latter right here.

I’ve been listening to lots of old David Bowie in the afternoons and Alice Coltrane in the mornings. I’m dreaming of a new old bike (yoller if you’re selling) and summertime shows at Harbourfront. Good things within reach. Good things.

Back soon.


  1. Naoko Shida Naoko Shida March 24, 2007

    Su! I found your blog via Bean Seamone’s blog via Dru’s blog. Fascinating to read about your journey so far…

  2. Susana Susana March 28, 2007

    Naoko! Wow, it’s been a few years. If you come back and see this message, drop me an email at saudade at gmail dot com. I’d love to catch up with you, hear about what you’ve been up to…

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