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something i’ve been meaning to tell you

I had a series of entries (present tense, in fact — I still have them tucked away) that I meant to post several weeks ago, but a series of unfortunate events made for very poor timing, and I decided to put everything on pause for a while. Sort of like that day, in the summer of ’99, when I decided to wear my Dead Kennedy’s t-shirt to the beach and, one by one, watched strangers’ faces twist with horror as I walked by. I hadn’t read the news yet, see.

Some housekeeping:

1. The comments section actually works now. So, now you can speak your mind, rather than bottling it all up. Throw some marbles, you’ll feel better.

2. If you went to Oakwood in the mid 90s, chances are you crossed paths with Devyani Saltzman at one point or another. I always assumed that she would go on to do amazing things, and looks like my gut feeling was bang-on. Leafing through the Toronto Star this morning, I came across a half-page article about her new book. Wow! Devy, if you happen to google yourself and stumble across this entry, please get at me. We’ve got a million things to talk about.

3. “A Free Trade Agreement of the Americas is not about making the hemisphere safe for capitalists. It is about providing opportunities for our workers, and better goods and services for our consumers, from the bottom rung of the income ladder to the top. Freer and fairer trade will lift more human beings out of poverty than all of the assistance programs in the world combined.” If that’s not a capitalist statement, I don’t know what is.

4. These race riots recall those race riots, as well as this discussion of race riots in general.

5. Marc André Debruyne is my favourite video director of the week. Check the one he did for Arabesque right here. The girls are kind of pffft but the esthetics are wicked.

Go forth and do rap things.

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