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nan boudam

I’ve been in Haiti two months now and all my writing is going elsewhere. Some of it is secret. Fais-moi signe if you want in, car j’suis pas complètement à l’aise sharing it publicly pour l’instant.

It goes on: mud cholera heat elections campaign parades sweat sun hurricanes rains rubble dust smoke fires blackness traffic roadblocks protests cabrit rice barbancourt ti-punch tarps camps wind shacks 4x4s mountains sea monsters markets bodies shotguns sweetness sunsets sunrises roosters radio crackle comedians kompa smiles whispers coo-cooing chouchouuu.


  1. bianca bianca November 18, 2010


    it’s bianca. i no longer remember how i first started reading your blog. there was one before this one, i remember that much. all i know is that i’ve been reading for a long time, putting pieces together. you pop up here and there, in various parts of the world, and your words are powerful and warm. i’m just saying “hello”. i hope you are well. i’m not even sure of what you’re doing, but i am proud of you nonetheless.

    i stay reading,

  2. Susana Susana November 27, 2010

    I can’t tell you how happy it made me to see your name pop up in my comments! And, happier still to find more of your words and thoughts on your tumblr. I missed your presence in those words, slow and delicious as ever.

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