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like regular tv, only browner

The Writers Guild strike wears on, and American television networks and broadcasters will soon be scrambling for content to fill airtime. Unless everyone gets back to work soon or they find some other compelling way to substitute programming (please no more gameshows), they’ll likely begin losing audiences to online-based video content, or even worse, real-life activities.

It’s now being reported that Canadian content may be the answer to their show woes. Alors, if this means an end to crap like this, no one could be more excited than this little hater.

Lucky Americans, let me introduce you to a brighter, browner small screen: Little Mosque On the Prairie, where Michael Landon is Lebanese and his mixed-race daughter wears a hijab. It premiered on CBC last winter amidst much anticipation, and I’m happy to see that the show has come back for a second season. Here’s the first episode ever, complete with low-budget Canadian charm:

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