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higher, deeper values

I’ve been spending my days in a dream state.

Physically, I’m preparing to transplant myself from Toronto to New York in roughly a month’s time. Mentally, I’ve been floating about, drifting in and out of conversations and playlists. On the cusp of flying away on dreams of my own, I can’t help bask in the dreams and dream-chasing of others. Old dreams. Dreams that are still formulating. Dreams I thought I’d forgotten…

I mused to a friend recently that maybe this upcoming move (which I’ll talk more about some other day) will do me good. Toronto is my hometown, my first playpen and discovery ground, but as much as I find things and people and colours and places to be excited about and fall in love with here every day, too much about this city has been dragging me down as well. I feel disconnected from things that used to make my heart pound. My memory is slipping. What does freshness feel like again? How does it feel in my ears, between thought bubbles and headnods?

Perhaps this is reflected in the (lack of) recent content here, but it seems I hit a point a while ago where I just didn’t care about Can-Con rap anymore. Hardly a revelation, and likely not a confession that too many people could identify with, but for me —- someone who built the beginnings of a “career” in rap writing and radio due to a near obsessive amour for the sounds and styles of rappers, DJs and producers (and graf writers and dancers and etc) across this country —- it was kind of an upset. Maybe it’s not fair to blame this faded feeling on Toronto. Maybe I could have kept things fresh somehow, if I hadn’t been so lazy, if I had only stuck with my radio show, if only, if only…

Lucky for me, Fritz and Birdapres are still around to punch me in the face whenever I need reminding:

there are a zillion hip-hop mp3 blogs out there…

but there is ONE that is 100% canadian content.

and this is it.

Ladies and gentleman, I present the newest addition to your bookmarks menu: Living Underwater. This little blog is only a few days old, but is already packed with gems from HDV, Maestro, Moka Only, Ghetto Concept, the Cold Front compilation (complete with liner notes via John Bronski), and even a Ron Nelson (!!!) joint. Check back often and practice your mouse clicks, because ain’t nobody re-upping shit if you miss the party.

I was tempted to keep this link to myself, but I just couldn’t be greedy like that. Please spread the news, spread it far and wide and far and wide. A lot of people need to read this blog. A lot of people need to hear these records. I lot of kids (and grown folks alike) need to catch up on their history, pay their respects, and gain some understanding for why and how we’re at where we’re at.

I can’t wait to see how the rest of this blog unfolds. Because this right here, this thing is fresh.


  1. Buns Buns June 23, 2007

    Hello from retirement! I can visit you in NY one day?

  2. Susana Susana June 25, 2007

    update your blog first, Bunzo!

    or, teach me how to build a magazine empire and retire in my early 30s. please.

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