a time to pause

tiny mango in hand

I’ve kept a blog of some sort since 2001. In 2005 I moved that kind of writing — loose conversations with myself, informal, searching, and incomplete — to nowarian.com.

‘Nowarian’ is a word born of the living genius of Caribbean English (I owe much of my early literary and creative education to Toronto’s West Indian communities!) and one that, for a time, seemed to speak to my complicated feels about displacement with an elasticity and nuance I’d yet to find in other language. I spent most of my twenties wandering and wondering about home.

In recent years I’ve barely come around here. I’m no longer at ease holding this lil dot com, so until I figure out what to do with it all you can find updates on my writing and other public work elsewhere. Thanks for coming by and please enjoy this photo of the most delicious mango I’ve eaten all my life in Cidade Velha, Cabo Verde!