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Month: July 2006

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Good people,

This week I am booking my tickets and finalizing the details of a trip
I hope to make during the first two weeks of August. I’m traveling
between Toronto and Vancouver (for the first time!) and hoping to stop
in as many cities in between as possible. Some of your have made this
trip yourselves. Some of you live (or have lived) in these cities of
which I speak. This is why I am reaching out for help, advice, hostel
recommendations, restaurant tips, etc. Tell me all about:


(Plus I’ll make detours to Medicine Hat and Tofino, where I will be
visiting dear friends.)

I will definitely be in Winnipeg at some point, and will definitely
spend at least a few days in Vancouver, but the parts in between will
be determined once I decide between taking the bus or taking the
train. Yes, I am ACTUALLY CONSIDERING taking the greyhound across the
country! Maybe I like the bus. So what. The absurd difference in price
is also appealing…

For those of you who don’t know, i received a grant from the Ontario
Arts Council to begin work on a book — an anthology of work by 2nd
Generation Canadians across the country. Part of my reason for wanting
to make this trip is so that I might connect in person with academics,
with writers, with actors, with painters, with poets, with dancers,
with comedians, with students, with community workers, with arts
activists, with dreamers, with rappers, with producers, with singers,
with musicians, etc etc etc. Basically, I’d really love to meet as
many potential contributors — and generally very cool, interesting,
thought-provoking people — as possible.

If you can think of any friends, relatives, acquaintances, community
heroes, academic bodies, or creative centres (galleries, bookstores,
live music clubs) I should watch out for when I’m in each of these
cities, please let me know.

A 2nd Generation Canadian (for reference) is someone like me —
someone who was born in Canada, or who immigrated at a young age, and
was raised within this North American context, but whose family roots
and fundamental identity come from elsewhere. There are so many
anthologies of creative and critical work by immigrants in Canada, but
practically nothing on the shelves that speaks to and about their
children and how they are shaping identity — how they are shaping
multiculturalism, how they are shaping music, the arts, journalism,
public policy, etc. It’s important to me that these stories be shared.
They are very good stories.

I’m finalizing the wording for my official call for submissions now,
and will be sending it out over the next day or so. I apologize in
advance for clogging your inbox with my name — I do this too often, I
know. Those of you with mailing lists and a good idea for how these
sorts of messages and documents should be circulated — please be in
touch and let me know how you can help. Goodness knows I’ll need help,
and plenty of it, over these next few months!

Thanks for reading.

Be well.