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Month: May 2006

tonight tonight tonight

Friends and strangers,

Join us at the Cooler By The Lake Tent at the foot of Yonge Street this Tuesday, May 30th for a Humanitas event:

The Kids Are(n’t?) All Right!
Creative Movements and Toronto’s Second Generation

This is an interactive, multi-media presentation that brings together some of the most exciting talents in Toronto today — author Devyani Saltzman, filmmaker Norman Yeung, playwright Catherine Hernandez, musician Rosina Kazi, and poet Kamau. There will be screenings, performances, plus some real brain food as these five artists present their work in the context of being Second Generation Canadians.

Arrive early — doors open at 6 pm, and the pre-party kicks off at 6:30 with on-site En Ville catering (to fill your bellies!) and an intimate performance by The Carps (to warm your soul!). Musical guests Stop Die Resuscitate and LAL will wrap up the evening with a special live set — they’re brilliant on their own, but oh-so-magical when they play together. Don’t miss this!


Doors open at 6 pm — get settled in early!
Presentations begin at 7 pm SHARP!
Screenings, performances, and live music!
All happening at the Cooler By The Lake Tent — Yonge and Queens Quay
(next to Captain John’s floating restaurant by the lake)
Part of the Humanitas Festival — www.livewithculture.ca/humanitas


you are invited

Greetings all,

The culmination of many months of work is close in sight, and on the evening of Friday May 26th, you are invited to celebrate with us and join in. HUMANITAS is the name given to one of the most ambitious, most curious, and most human museum and culture project the City of Toronto has ever undertaken, and HUMANITAS FESTIVAL is merely the kick-off. Through HUMANITAS we engage with one another, listen to eachother’s stories about this place, work together towards understanding this urban life, and help strive for something better. HUMANITAS is about Toronto, in all its glory and grit. It’s our city, our home, and for better or for worse, we’re all married to one another for as long as we live here — for as long as the streetcar tracks criss-cross the spaces between us like great veins or wrinkles. Full details on the entire Festival will be available in this week’s Now Magazine, otherwise feel free to click your pointer here: http://humanitas.livewithculture.ca

Official invite attached — “Mayor Miller invites you to the Humanitas Festival Launch & 7th Annual Doors Open Toronto Kick-Off” — Friday May 26th at 6 pm SHARP! Location is the Cooler By The Lake Tent at the foot of Yonge Street by the water’s edge. Formal remarks by the Mayor and Poet Laureate, comedy by Sabrina Jalees, and musical performances by Autorickshaw, The Pocket Dwellers, The Nathaniel Dett Chorale, Zaki Ibrahim, and MC Abdominal and Notes to Self.

Keep the evening of Tuesday May 30th open as well — I’ll be curating an evening at the Cooler By The Lake Tent, bringing together a few of the city’s most engaging talents in the realms of film, stage, the written word, poetry, and music. “The Kids Are(n’t?) All Right” is an exploration of how Second Generation Canadians in this city are re-defining and re-mixing culture, identity, and art, all the ways in which they speak for and speak to multiculturalism, and how their work is changing the city we live in (as well as places beyond!). It’s the prelude to a forthcoming anthology of work tentatively titled “Nowarian Nation”.

The festival is a four week affair, so if you can’t make either one of these dates, please make an effort to drop in on us at some point between now and our wrap date, June 25th. I’ll be spending most of my time tucked away in a trailer-turned-recording-studio-on-wheels, jumping from location to location each day, recording oral histories. We’re hitting up as much of the city as we can, across downtown, North York, Scarborough and Etobicoke, and there’s a good chance we’ll show up in a neighbourhood near you! More details on the travelling story-gathering project (dubbed “T.Ode… Your City, Your Story“) on the web or in the NOW Magazine guide.

Exciting things are afoot.

Be excited!