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Month: September 2005

got melanin?

First things first, you’ve got to come to this. Don’t make excuses. You’re cominnng. It’s part of the giant Culture Shock shebang that’s taking over Harbourfront all that weekend, and it’s going to be SLAMMIN. Krump sessions meet Tumi and the Volume meet international doc screenings meet live aerosol demonstrations and did you say this is all FREE?! Bring your mom! Tell your cousin! There’s rumours of a bush party somewhere in there too, but you’ll have to come find that out for yourself.

Apart from planning this monstrous (and wonderful) poetry festival, I’ve been filling my minutes and hours with school. Yup. I’m back in school. Starting my third week of classes. Some of my initial excitement has started to fade, and all the reasons why I couldn’t wait to get out of university a year and a half ago have begun to resurface. The people in my courses seem pretty bent on discussing how guilty they feel for being in a university setting and addressing their privilege, which is something I never once encountered during undergrad at my 99%-rich-white school. You’d think this might be refreshing, but it’s actually becoming a drag. They don’t actually address their privilege, they just whine about it… as though they are victims of privilege. Also a drag: a comment one of the older ladies in my Popular Education course let fly about how some days she feels privileged for being able to afford university, and other days, when she doesn’t have tokens for the bus, she’s not privileged. I wanted to explain to her that privilege doesn’t vary like weather–it’s more like climate. If you’re tropical, I don’t care how chilly it felt that one time in the rain two weeks ago, I see palm trees and you’re still fucking tropical. I may wind up playing the role of obnoxious, angry POC loudmouth at some point, it looks like.

In rap news, congratulations to Eternia on her video release and upcoming album release! Long time coming! Please check “Evidence” when it hits a video channel near you, if you still peep channels of that sort. I’m the sucka in yella, and Mindbender‘s the (uncharacteristically) agitated badass.

Off to speak with Aceyalone for the first time in a few minutes. I think the world of him (on wax), and I’m always nervous about walking into an interview situation with such high expectations. Plenty more to say, but not much time to say it in. Come to Culture Shock next weekend. Listen to Haiku D’Etat. Brush your teeth. My comments feature refuses to work, no matter how much Movable Type tweaking I do, so either hold your thoughts or email me.

Oh, and the new Pocket Dwellers album is beautiful.