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unless you live in a theocracy

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we fly home

Yesterday I wrote about Africa Paradis, a Béninois film that depicts the migration en masse of down-on-their-luck Europeans to richer African pastures. This morning, the Europe edition of the Wall Street Journal ran a cover story with a similar plotline. … Continue reading

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the new age of homeland security

The year is 2033, and the story goes like this: Europe has become underdeveloped due to acute economic and political crisis while Africa has experienced thriving development. Olivier, an unemployed engineer, and Pauline, an unemployed teacher, are struggling to scrape … Continue reading

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come out and stay out

It’s been quiet here in recent weeks. I’ve been putting thoughts to paper, watching, listening, traveling. Your hotel is in a very bad area. The worst in Athens, our cabbie warned. “A lot of Pakistani,” he said. “It’s like Chinatown.” … Continue reading

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