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there are no rats in paris

Drafts piling up. Today was spent chasing apartments, avoiding dog poo, buying turn-of-last-century documents and notebooks about how great The Crusades were and chronicling l’Outre Mer conquests/savageries. And voila, the first pair of crocs I’ve seen in ages. Rive Mal-a-Droit. … Continue reading

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you’ve got to know where your towel is

I’m late on this. Kardinal was on Jay Leno last week and, oops, he mmmmmmashed it again: I won’t get into how boring I think Akon is (okay I will: he’s really boring), but I do want to take a … Continue reading

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that’s why they call it your mother tongue

Vai through o park, a laneway, atras das hythro poles. Chega a casa safety. Nao tomas o tunnel a noite, okai? * My aunt speaks Portuguese with a French accent. While my parents left Portugal for Angola and then Canada, … Continue reading

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