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Hello, here’s this week’s New Yorker cover: An extension of pound-gate (please don’t call it a fist-bump), secretly-muslim-gate, Osama-Obama-ethnic-names-all-sound-alike-gate, and patriotism-gate, all boiled into one illustration. Tasteless? Cowardly? Sure, maybe. I see what Barry Blitt was trying to do with … Continue reading

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Reports continue to pour in (as much as any foreign news not associated with Iraq, Afghanistan or Iran makes it through the American media machine) regarding the anti-immigrant violence in South Africa. My dear friend Alex lives and teaches in … Continue reading

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wknd recovery // monday linx

As-tu des pop-tarts à la place? Donne-moi une pop-tarts, juste une pop-tarts. Lisa is passionate about mobile revolutions. She put me on to this and this a few months ago, and they’re still among the few blogs I check in … Continue reading

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