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between the superheroes

I’m starting off 2008 with less baggage and cleaner priorities. I’ve deleted or disabled my FaceSpace accounts, wiping out years of time-suckage disguised as social networking, and, uh… signed up for Twitter instead. Updates posted on the sidebar to the … Continue reading

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pap sec com manteiga, ehh carai

click for larger. original image from an “ugliest intersections” feature, here. galleria to the left, macdonalsh to the right. [] I was back not two hours and already frustrated with the Duff-ring bus. Waiting for what felt like hours, sandwiched … Continue reading

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november twenty-ninth

I got one last riverside bike ride in before the leaves and freezing rain began to fall a few weeks ago. It’s four:thirty, and the sun has set over Manhattan, outlining brown brick buildings and rooftop water towers in pink … Continue reading

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