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and we don’t dance neither

New article on Skratch Bastid up here, from the June issue of Exclaim!. The print version comes with a half-page closeup of homeboy’s face. Go clip that for your little sister’s locker. Bastid is one of my favourite DJs, both … Continue reading

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west coast, french toast

It could be the onset of summer weather, or maybe just this crazy travel itch that’s been building over the past year, but I’ve had the West Coast on my mind. [I grew up in Toronto but spent several years … Continue reading

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em começar de novo (an introduction)

MV Bill — a Brazilian activist, emcee, and UN “Messenger of Truth” — has this lyric that’s stuck with me hard from the moment I first heard it: SE VACILAR, O BICHO VAI PEGAR. In or out of context, what … Continue reading

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