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I must have met Masimba, appropriately, at Love Movement. I say must have because, though I don’t quite remember ever meeting him (in my mind, he’s just always been there, an integral part of the city’s scape and air and life … Continue reading

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you’ve got to know where your towel is

I’m late on this. Kardinal was on Jay Leno last week and, oops, he mmmmmmashed it again: I won’t get into how boring I think Akon is (okay I will: he’s really boring), but I do want to take a … Continue reading

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the coolout

Condensation on the window, traffic lights blinking stop-wait-go below. Another January night. Dang it was hot in there. I don’t have much use for end-of-year top-ten-album lists or record rankings of any sort. Partly because I’m too indecisive to ever … Continue reading

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higher, deeper values

I’ve been spending my days in a dream state. Physically, I’m preparing to transplant myself from Toronto to New York in roughly a month’s time. Mentally, I’ve been floating about, drifting in and out of conversations and playlists. On the … Continue reading

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three sugars in the mint tea, rub-a-dub style

I just caught Point Blank’s video for “Born & Raised in the Ghetto” (congrats to director Marc André Debruyne for the MMVA nomination), and was struck by the old stock footage from Regent Park‘s earliest days. The sugary optimism reflected … Continue reading

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a time to hate, a time to fear

Issue number 38 of Pound is set to drop soon-ish, and as a follow up to the “Slept On” issue, the theme this time around is “F*ck Your Street Cred”. Nice and direct. When Brooklyn-based photographer Jamel Shabazz was in … Continue reading

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can’t see the panties from the grass

Five blue Canadian dollars to whoever can scout the reference in that title. It’s been a fast minute since I’ve had any desire to read or write anything vaguely rap-blog-related, but that changed when someone sent me the link to … Continue reading

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i was always told to act my age, not my culture

My “friendster” horoscope for today reads: Putting off until tomorrow what you need to do right now will just cause a big headache in perpetuity. So take a deep breath and dive into the tasks at hand before they get … Continue reading

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