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if the bear starts eating you, it is no longer being defensive

I saw an elk for the first time a few weeks ago. We were both out in the rain, a cool layer of mist hiding the mountain peaks from view, darkness creeping up close behind. Wandering along the trees and … Continue reading

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Mines ahead, behind, to the left, to the right. Mines inside us. Mines in our sleepy, exhausted eyes, trembling and worried, trying to stay awake. Seeking out objects of death whose characteristic is that of never being seen—they wait their … Continue reading

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ayiti yo pa vle wè a

It didn’t rain the day of Michel Joseph Martelly’s inauguration. It didn’t rain the day after either. I would have remembered, I think. Rains are something that stick in my memory now, each downpour bringing with it a different rhythm, … Continue reading

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nan boudam

I’ve been in Haiti two months now and all my writing is going elsewhere. Some of it is secret. Fais-moi signe if you want in, car j’suis pas complètement à l’aise sharing it publicly pour l’instant. It goes on: mud … Continue reading

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aweh, my ma se kind

It was the word “prawns” that first caught my attention. Stumbling sleepy somewhere around about 2 am on a frosty night in Newtown, I thought I must be hearing things. But then there it was again on their lips, praaawns. … Continue reading

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I draw bathwater so hot in the mornings I have to coax my limbs into the tub. Skin searing, right foot first, then the right calf, now the left one, down to my knees, etc. It’s been so cold in … Continue reading

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. I was that person running to my gate, terminal 1 CDG, my limbs aching from sleeplessness and the weight of my carry-on. The bags tugged me down, wanted to coax me onto the floor, but my legs pushed forward. … Continue reading

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come out and stay out

It’s been quiet here in recent weeks. I’ve been putting thoughts to paper, watching, listening, traveling. Your hotel is in a very bad area. The worst in Athens, our cabbie warned. “A lot of Pakistani,” he said. “It’s like Chinatown.” … Continue reading

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I’ve been off the grid and lost in time. All of my photos are overexposed. One week of climbing mountainsides in double-digit temperatures, and my eyes could not adjust to the brightness. Spring colours popping. Air sweet with eucalyptus. Conversations … Continue reading

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allo home

the sunset lasted forever over greenland i couldn’t tell: was i looking at clouds? or at snow? glaciers on the water, fluffy and jutted, and we skimmed along the ice. . Heavy jet lag twice in one week has left … Continue reading

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