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you’ll never believe what happened

“We live by stories, we also live in them. One way or another we are living the stories planted in us early or along the way, or we are also living the stories we planted — knowingly or unknowingly — … Continue reading

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aweh, my ma se kind

It was the word “prawns” that first caught my attention. Stumbling sleepy somewhere around about 2 am on a frosty night in Newtown, I thought I must be hearing things. But then there it was again on their lips, praaawns. … Continue reading

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madrassa house rock

Six days after I moved to New York in August 2007, Debbie Almontaser — an educator, inter-faith worker, and founding principle of the city’s first dual-language Arabic public school, the Khalil Gibran International Academy — was forced out of her … Continue reading

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les affreux

Bob Dénard – now there’s a biography I’d like to write. Né Gilbert Bourgeaud, aka Said Mustapha Mahdjoub, Muslim, Jewish or Catholic depending on the territory being occupied. Father of eight, murderer of many. Killer of independence. The lessons he … Continue reading

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unless you live in a theocracy

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we fly home

Yesterday I wrote about Africa Paradis, a Béninois film that depicts the migration en masse of down-on-their-luck Europeans to richer African pastures. This morning, the Europe edition of the Wall Street Journal ran a cover story with a similar plotline. … Continue reading

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come out and stay out

It’s been quiet here in recent weeks. I’ve been putting thoughts to paper, watching, listening, traveling. Your hotel is in a very bad area. The worst in Athens, our cabbie warned. “A lot of Pakistani,” he said. “It’s like Chinatown.” … Continue reading

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la peur des étrangers

Un monde étrange avec son langage, ses musiques, son goût pour la violence, où l’on brûle les voitures après les avoir volées et où les centres commerciaux forment le décor et la cible les émeutes urbaines. There’s something about assimilation … Continue reading

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moved again, to montmartre. computer died. computer revived. i got things to tell you!

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la vie en hussein

Letter from Paris. Images, swag and model courtesy MrChiCity7. When Barack Obama is elected President of the United States in a few hours*, I’m not pulling for an end to racial inequality, prejudice and hatred. I’m not expecting a sudden … Continue reading

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