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I must have met Masimba, appropriately, at Love Movement. I say must have because, though I don’t quite remember ever meeting him (in my mind, he’s just always been there, an integral part of the city’s scape and air and life … Continue reading

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something that does not love a wall

Thomas Edison on loop. From the perma-installation on American Identities at the Brooklyn Museum.   Thanks to a hookup from fellow Poundling Angelica, I’ve jumped aboard the New Amerykah Badu-wagon. It’s a beautiful record, and schizophrenic just the way I … Continue reading

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Solidao, 1969. My father never got used to the taste of mint toothpaste. His appetite was robust and his stomach enviably strong, but there were three things that I knew always made him want to wretch: the smell or taste … Continue reading

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the coolout

Condensation on the window, traffic lights blinking stop-wait-go below. Another January night. Dang it was hot in there. I don’t have much use for end-of-year top-ten-album lists or record rankings of any sort. Partly because I’m too indecisive to ever … Continue reading

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can’t see the panties from the grass

Five blue Canadian dollars to whoever can scout the reference in that title. It’s been a fast minute since I’ve had any desire to read or write anything vaguely rap-blog-related, but that changed when someone sent me the link to … Continue reading

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songs from the city, songs from the streets

This’ll be disjointed. Times have been intense. In the span of a few days I’ve been on the receiving end of some really ecstatically wonderful news from my bestest homeslice (love ou for life, gu!), followed by an awful, shocking … Continue reading

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i was always told to act my age, not my culture

My “friendster” horoscope for today reads: Putting off until tomorrow what you need to do right now will just cause a big headache in perpetuity. So take a deep breath and dive into the tasks at hand before they get … Continue reading

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and we don’t dance neither

New article on Skratch Bastid up here, from the June issue of Exclaim!. The print version comes with a half-page closeup of homeboy’s face. Go clip that for your little sister’s locker. Bastid is one of my favourite DJs, both … Continue reading

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