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Émotion: la douleur de voir partir ainsi pour toujours quelqu’un qu’on a aimé éperdument, ne serait-ce que l’espace de 12 secondes et 3/10.  [Comment faire l’amour avec un Nègre sans se fatiguer] A year and a half of nonstop bouncing … Continue reading

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I must have met Masimba, appropriately, at Love Movement. I say must have because, though I don’t quite remember ever meeting him (in my mind, he’s just always been there, an integral part of the city’s scape and air and life … Continue reading

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springtime in port-au-prince

A man called into Radio Caraïbes FM this morning, agitated and groveling for sympathy. Digicel, the Jamaica-based Irish-owned telecoms company that rules mobile phone life in Haiti, nearly destroyed his relationship. “I was supposed to meet madanm mwen on Saturday,” … Continue reading

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a lot of questions, no answers

The last time I talked to James was November 21st, 2012. The day before he was kidnapped. It was midday Haiti time, evening Syria time, when he popped up on Skype — that moody pixelated avatar that looked like he’d snapped it … Continue reading

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  Tabarre March 2012 and Baz Gwo Wòch, Furcy April 2014. Everyday Haiti, everyday lucky, Instgrammed. A very short compendium of Life Skills and Small Sagesses picked up over four-ish years in the blessed, beautiful Republic of Haiti, though useful far … Continue reading

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  I woke up And forgot who I was But remembered a thunderous dream Of having to be someone. /mia-skye sagara   It is a strange thing to feel in exile at home, rather than at home in exile. My … Continue reading

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papadocratic caucus

Jean-Claude Duvalier, Haiti’s former President-for-Life and son of François Duvalier, in appeals court. 28 Feb, 2013. Photo by @etiennecp. One hot February afternoon last year I was sitting under one of the broad, white tents that was often erected on … Continue reading

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if the bear starts eating you, it is no longer being defensive

I saw an elk for the first time a few weeks ago. We were both out in the rain, a cool layer of mist hiding the mountain peaks from view, darkness creeping up close behind. Wandering along the trees and … Continue reading

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groundhog days

A decade of concentrated assistance and hundreds of millions of dollars of international investment on the part of the United Nations, international development banks, and bilateral donors, does not ensure the successful installation of ______ ______ and ___ ____ _____ … Continue reading

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history rolls in and out and back with the tides

First published in 1993, Lillian Allen’s collection of poetry “Women Do This Every Day” included this not-so-blind item, made less scathing — and, in some ways, sadder — with events and non-events of this past year and a half: Dictator (for … Continue reading

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